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IT-Pedia® FAQ

Do I need to license and use other Eracent ITAM & SAM applications to benefit from IT-Pedia?

No, you don’t. IT-Pedia customers with complementary – and competing – ITSM, ITAM and SAM toolsets utilize IT-Pedia data to populate and update these systems with normalized data and detailed product attributes. IT-Pedia can be used to enhance the value of applications from ServiceNow, Remedy, Cherwell, Snow Software, Flexera, Ivanti, Axios, and many other vendors.

How is data from IT-Pedia shared with other IT management platforms?

IT-Pedia provides a published API to interface with the appropriate tables and fields in destination systems.

Can I export my selected product data into a file to review or edit?

Yes. The IT-Pedia user interface allows you to select multiple products and add them to the export list. When your list of products to be exported is ready you will be able to view your list, manage it and then export the product details into a .CSV file.

Do users need to download the entire contents of IT-Pedia with every update, like we do would have to with other Data Platforms?

No. IT-Pedia’s user interface allows you to select which products and attributes you would like to download at any given time reducing the time and system resources required for each data download. These settings can be saved to make the process repeatable.

How is IT-Pedia licensed?

IT-Pedia is licensed as a service subscription with several different options available. It is securely hosted by Eracent, so no on-premise installation is required.

Do I need to install a local application to access the IT-Pedia product database?

No local installation is required. IT-Pedia subscribers access the IT-Pedia product database either via an online, browser-based interface or via an API interface. With the browser-based interface, you can search for specific products or manufacturers using intuitive and user-friendly filtering options. With the API interface, you use specific API calls in order to receive the data that is of interest to you.

How often is the product and vendor data in the IT-Pedia library updated?

The data is updated every day by a dedicated team whose sole focus is the content and quality of the IT-Pedia database. We continuously focus on adding products and applications that our enterprise customers utilize and keeping up with new releases from hardware and software vendors.

What if I don’t see some of the products that my organization uses in IT-Pedia?

Part of the subscription agreement includes Eracent’s commitment to promptly research and add those products and attributes to the database. Our priority is to ensure that we include the products that our customers use. Having millions of products in the database is nice, but if IT-Pedia does not include the products that you need, then it’s not as valuable to you.

Why would I consider IT-Pedia compared to one of the other Data Platforms on the market?

Competing Data Platforms are highly functional with nice operational analytics, and their price point reflects that. Eracent is working with numerous companies who got sticker shock from competitors, and opted to go without product enrichment data rather than pay the prices they were quoted. We don’t think that’s right. Many of these organizations are building, updating and normalizing the data in their ITSM, ITAM, SAM, Procurement and other systems and don’t need the extra functionality for at least a couple years. They have found IT-Pedia to be a perfect data enrichment solution that meets their needs during the system implementation and growth stages.