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Company History

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Eracent has focused on providing automated software solutions for IT Asset Management (ITAM) and Software Asset Management (SAM) since 2000. We were one of the pioneers in the enterprise discovery and inventory tool market, and we were on the cutting edge with the introduction of our original automated software license entitlements management tool EnterpriseEM™ in early 2003.

We’ve continually embraced the latest technologies to ensure that our solutions meet the needs and expectations of our customers and the ITAM and SAM market as a whole. As our customers’ environments have evolved, our solutions have moved forward as well, helping organizations get the most from their virtual platforms, mobile devices, cloud infrastructure, SaaS applications, and now Edge computing and IoT devices.

While we’re always looking towards the future, we’re equally proud of our pedigree and why it matters. Eracent’s foundations can be traced to a project at AT&T-Lucent-Bell Labs in Holmdel, New Jersey in the late 1990s. Since the telecom giant was simultaneously planning a divestiture and also preparing for the upcoming perceived Y2K threat, they needed to get an accurate count of desktops, servers and applications around the world. A team comprised of Eracent’s future founders developed a process that could meet that challenge. In the end, a global IT network comprised of nearly 300,000 desktops and servers – running every flavor of UNIX – was discovered and inventoried using the available network bandwidth of the time.

Developing the Eracent inventory process – which evolved into ITMC Discovery™ – under these conditions provided an instant advantage over competing tools that were developed in more localized desktop-centric environments.

Eracent quickly expanded its discovery functionality to include software utilization tracking and we introduced EnterpriseLM™ (now ITMC Lifecycle™) for proactively managing the ownership of all assets, contracts and financials. EnterpriseEM also matured into the Continuous License Reconciliation™ (CLR) family of specialized license reconciliation and optimization modules. Our growing portfolio of solutions now includes the AppStore Plus™ Portal, the IT-Pedia® IT Product Data Library, a Software Vulnerability Assessment module, Automated Stockrooms, and more.

Today, Eracent is headquartered in Riegelsville, Pennsylvania, USA, and maintains a significant R&D and European support office in Warsaw, Poland. Dozens of Fortune 500 companies rely on Eracent solutions to manage and optimize their use of IT assets, software licenses and subscriptions. Eracent is a privately-held company.