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Integrated Disposition Management from Eracent & Ingram Micro ITAD

Track the Asset Lifecycle from Acquisition through Disposition
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Track the Asset Lifecycle from Acquisition through Disposition

ITMC Lifecycle ™ now offers visibility, reporting, and security at asset end-of-life

In many organizations, asset end-of-life processes and documentation are managed using standalone disposition tools. Since these tools are usually hosted by ITAD providers, the data they collect often remains in a silo… disconnected from other aspects of an asset’s lifecycle history. Further, dedicated Software Asset Management (SAM) tools and configuration management databases (CMDBs) generally don’t focus on the level of hardware asset detail required to effectively document asset end-of-life, and as a result they’re unable to provide sufficient tracking capabilities around financial transactions and legal documentation.

The Solution

Eracent and Ingram Micro ITAD have teamed up to provide an easy way to manage the end-of-life asset disposition process through IT Management Center™. Together, Eracent’s ITMC Lifecycle™ module and Ingram Micro’s industry-leading IT asset disposition solution provide a comprehensive, end-to-end approach to IT asset management.

ITMC Lifecycle supports proactive IT asset tracking from point of acquisition, providing a consistent baseline for each asset throughout its time in service, including license management. Each asset is tracked by lifecycle status and assignments to people, organizations, and locations.

With the integration of Ingram Micro’s industry-leading IT asset disposition processing control system, ITMC Lifecycle can also now display, report, and alert on asset-level details as each device moves through the disposition process. From pickup and data sanitization through remarketing or recycling, Ingram Micro-provided ITAD services feature secure chain-of-custody with detailed asset reporting… and deliver a steady stream of updated information through the ITMC Lifecycle dashboard.

The ITMC Lifecycle / Ingram Micro ITAD integration provides one system to:

  • Track asset ownership and assignments
  • Manage procurement, contract, and financial details
  • Automate lifecycle processes
  • Schedule ITAD services
  • Access centralized reporting and certificates

The key to this solution is the tight integration between the back-end ITAD management / tracking system and ITMC Lifecycle. The Ingram Micro ITAD asset intelligence system was developed specifically to manage all facets of electronics disposition and to drive internal processes that ensure assets and orders are handled and tracked efficiently and in compliance with Service Level Agreements and best practices.

When organizations choose Ingram Micro for ITAD, their service requests, reporting, and compliance documentation are managed directly through the ITMC Lifecycle module. The integration supports one-stop access to search for specific assets, view inventory by location and/or status, and retrieve pre-configured, custom, and ad hoc reports. Together, ITMC Lifecycle and Ingram Micro ITAD make retiring assets easy.

Once you engage Ingram Micro as your ITAD provider, the ITMC Lifecycle interface offers a simple way to:

  • Schedule pickups
  • Access BOLs and associated shipping documentation
  • View audit reports detailing the assets received in each shipment
  • Review details tied to each job including equipment conditions
  • Search for specific assets, jobs, or locations and generate reports
  • View product inventory for deployment or redeployment
  • See the disposition of each asset, including those remarketed or recycled
  • Download Certificates of Data Destruction & e-Waste Recycling

This integrated solution enables seamless, proactive hardware asset tracking throughout the entire lifecycle, from the planning and initial acquisition stages through final disposition.

To learn more, contact your Eracent / Ingram Micro representative or visit www.eracent.com or www.ingrammicroitad.com.

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