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Oracle® Assessment Bundle – Focused Oracle license and subscription management

A focused solution for managing Oracle licenses and subscriptions

A focused solution for managing Oracle licenses and subscriptions

A compliance audit is a constant threat for any organization with a significant Oracle footprint. Having ongoing visibility into your Oracle licenses and subscriptions, as well as the Oracle databases and applications in use at your organization, is a great way to reduce the fear of audit activity and potential financial penalties.

If you’d like to maintain a comprehensive licensing baseline to proactively deflect an audit, minimize licensing costs or prepare for renewal activities, Eracent now offers a specially-priced, focused solution exclusively for managing and optimizing Oracle licenses and subscriptions.

The Oracle Assessment Bundle includes the following modules and functionality focused on Oracle applications and the systems on which they are running:

  • ITMC Discovery™ – Unparalleled cross-platform discovery and application utilization, including Oracle-verified detection and reporting of Oracle databases, with Features and Options installed and in use.
  • ITMC Lifecycle™ – Full lifecycle management for hardware assets, software licenses and subscriptions; contract and purchase records management, assignments to people and organizational entities, financial tracking and reporting, and more.
  • CLR for Oracle® Applications™ – Automated reconciliation of licenses and entitlements against software installations, providing detailed license position reporting.
  • IT-Pedia® (highlighting Oracle products) – A comprehensive IT Product Data Library that provides a consistent, normalized single source of product attributes. This includes MPCs, SKUs, classifications, license models, end-of-life/end-of-support lifecycle dates, and more.

The bundle also includes hosting of the solution, adjusted for the size of the environment to be managed.

The Eracent Oracle Assessment Bundle is available to end-user organizations of all sizes, as well as to service providers who manage licensing for clients. It is priced as an annual subscription based on tiers of managed endpoints plus a hosting fee. Additionally, Eracent can also offer Oracle consulting services via our team or our experienced, trusted network of partners.

For more details, a demonstration or a price quote for the Eracent Oracle Assessment Bundle, contact your Eracent representative today or email us at info@eracent.com.

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