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Data Normalization

Normalizes data from leading discovery tools. Provides a consistent baseline for SAM and CMDBs.

Normalizes data from leading discovery tools. Provides a consistent baseline for SAM and CMDBs.

Eracent Data Normalization Solutions

Eracent’s IT-Pedia® and Discovery Data Normalization process strengthen the data foundation that is essential for service management, asset and license management, procurement, IMACD processes, and more.

IT-Pedia® and the Discovery Data Normalization process each provide distinct elements that, when used in together, provide a powerful and complete solution.

Discovery Data Normalization

Eracent understands that organizations often need to populate their CMDBs with baseline asset data from disparate discovery tools.

  • Specialized Eracent Data Extractors (EDEs) are available to normalize inventory data from SCCM, ServiceNow Discovery, Tivoli Endpoint Manager (TEM), Casper, TADfD, ADDM, and other widely used discovery tools.
  • Once processed via the SCANMAN™ application recognition knowledgebase, the normalized data can automatically populate data fields in CMDBs and asset repositories, where it provides an easy to understand basis for ITSM processes, license reconciliation and optimization, invoice verification, and much more.

IT-Pedia® – Non-Discoverable Data Normalization

IT-Pedia® provides a powerful data normalization source, particularly for non-discoverable data attributes. It is a comprehensive IT product data library that contains details about more than 5 million IT products of all types including hardware, software, mobile devices, and network equipment. Product records are based on SKUs and manufacturer product codes and include many attributes including:

Vendor details
Standard classifications and UNSPSCs
Makes, models, and extended hardware attributes such as physical weight, dimensions and power usage
Applications, versions, editions, licensing programs and product use rights
End-of-life data and end-of-support data

IT-Pedia’s® detailed product attributes provide a foundation for normalizing data from procurement systems, reseller portals, and other sources into a common naming convention. This results in improved process efficiencies and fewer redundancies, including vendor and product names.

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