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IBM License Management

License position reporting and recommendations for all products, including those licensed by PVU and Sub-capacity.

License position reporting and recommendations for all products licensed by PVU and Subcapacity.


IBM License Management and Optimization

With a vast portfolio of products that run on a wide array of platforms, IBM utilizes numerous license models. Continuous License Reconciliation (CLR)TM for IBM can help you gain control of your IBM applications, regardless of how they are licensed, and feel confident that your organization is compliant and getting the most out of your existing entitlements.

  • Multiple License Model Coverage – Supports multiple license models that are utilized by IBM, including Processor Value Unit (PVU) and Sub-capacity licensing, Resource Value Unit (RVU), User Value Unit (UVU), Authorized User, and more.
  • ILMT Validation – Provides independent discovery and reconciliation results to validate the findings of the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT).
  • Consumption Reports and Recommendations – Clearly displays the consumption of PVUs for each installation comparatively for full-capacity and Sub-capacity enabled environments, with associated cost savings where applicable. This enables organizations to make informed financial decisions on whether to enable servers to be eligible for Sub-capacity licensing, with significant potential savings.
  • IBM PVU Tables – Current IBM PVU tables are utilized for entitlement calculations.
  • License Position Reports – Under-licensed (at risk), compliant and over-licensed positions are reported, with associated financial figures.. These reports show the estimated cost to become compliant, as well as estimated overspending.
  • License-Manager Based IBM Applications – IBM Rational applications – and other license-manager based products – are tracked via CLR for IBM. Additionally, license optimization – and significant cost savings – is realized through the CLR for Engineering ApplicationsTM module.
  • Complete License Lifecycle Management – CLR for IBM provides detailed contract and agreement management, proactive ownership assignments to users, devices, organization and people, and detailed tracking of costs, payments, cost allocations and capitalization.

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