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What’s New in IT Management Center 10.2

Expanded support for Cloud Platforms and SaaS Licensing; Oracle and SAP License Optimization
Eracent Tools for ITAM Success

Tools that Assure ITAM Success

Eracent provides a comprehensive sku-based library of software and hardware details in IT-Pedia®.

The AppStore Plus Portal enables employee self-service, automates requests and approvals, and shortens time to fulfillment.

Cross-Platform Discovery Data Sheet

Automated SAM Solutions

Eracent's automated SAM solutions optimize licenses and reduce costs.

Manage your software and software licences across cloud, datacenter, server, desktop & mobile platforms.

Complete Hardware Asset Management

Detailed tracking of physical attributes, ownership and usage details, IMACs, disposition, contracts and financials for another dimension of cost savings and efficiency.

Other SAM tools just can't provide the same level of hardware management that Eracent delivers.

Discovery and Usage details for data center, desktop, cloud and mobile platforms
Extended Capabilities
Lifecycle management and flexible process automation for hardware and software assets
Saving Time & Money
License optimization for any enterprise application, including IBM, Oracle and SAP products
Data Normalization and CMDB Data Enhancement solutions
Eracent provides IT Solutions from the cradle to the grave

Who are we and how can we help you? Here’s an interview with our President, William Choppa, to explain–

Or you can listen in on the ITAM Review Podcast: An Introduction to Eracent! 

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inventory application usage, performance and hardware details.

Eracent’s automated A.I. Discovery BOTS provide real-time end point

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Eracent Delivers Automated SAM and ITAM Solutions

Eracent helps its customers meet the challenges of managing software licenses and computing assets in today’s complex and evolving IT environments. Our enterprise clients save significantly on their annual software spend, reduce their audit and security risks, and establish more efficient asset management processes. Eracent’s client base includes some of the world’s largest corporate and government networks and IT environments.

Quality data is the foundation of any effective SAM or ITAM program. Eracent’s cross-platform discovery, application recognition, and software utilization analytics provide detailed insight. Flexible integration enables data from other sources to be shared and normalized for a complete ownership and operational view.

For any platform – from the largest data centers to mobile devices.

Save Money – Reduce Audit Risk – Automate Processes

Recent Posts

Software Asset Management
So you’re shopping for a Software Asset Management tool. One of the things you’re certain to hear during presentations and demos is how quickly you can get to SAM nirvana. With their tool, you just enter your purchase details and any discovery data you have about software installations and voila! Magic happens behind the scenes and your SAM challenges are vanquished. Their tool is the mythical “easy button”.
January 9, 2018 Read more
As 2017 comes to a close, the Eracent team would like to thank our customers and partners who have contributed to our success. We would also like to thank everyone who took the time to speak with our team at industry conferences and events during the year. In reflecting on 2017, Eracent had a very good year.
December 20, 2017 Read more
Migrating business processes and applications to the public cloud enables companies to move away from paying for and maintaining their own infrastructure. When an organization is considering moving to the cloud, what is the best source of data for migration planning? It’s often the data generated by the IT Asset Management (ITAM) program. ITAM data is integral to building the business case for migrating to the cloud.
December 12, 2017 Read more
A couple of days before Thanksgiving, Penske Truck Leasing, a long-time Eracent customer, hosted a user group meeting at their offices in Reading, PA. There was a great turnout – 22 companies participated as well as several members of the Eracent team.
December 1, 2017 Read more
Thanks to everyone who visited the Eracent booth at the IAITAM ACE in Las Vegas. The Eracent team certainly enjoyed it!