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Cybersecurity Management Suite™ (CSMS™)

A Unique and Essential Management Process Encompassing Tools, Processes and People

SBOM Manager™

Comply with Cyber Mandates, Mitigate Open Source License Risks
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CSMS Risk Manager™

IT Visibility and Foundational Data

Cybersecurity-Grade Discovery and Software Utilization
IT Product Enrichment Data

Software License and Entitlements Management

License Reconciliation & Position Reporting
Software Application Utilization
Software Reviews has recognized Eracent as a 2024 Software Asset Management Champion based on analyst insights and customer satisfaction.

Software Reviews has recognized Eracent as a 2024 Software Asset Management Champion based on analyst insights and customer satisfaction.

Discovery and Usage details for data center, desktop, cloud and mobile platforms
Lifecycle management and flexible process automation for hardware and software assets
License optimization for any enterprise application, including IBM, Oracle and SAP products
Data Normalization and CMDB Data Enhancement solutions

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Eracent Delivers Automated SAM and ITAM Solutions

Eracent helps its customers meet the challenges of managing software licenses and computing assets in today’s complex and evolving IT environments. Our enterprise clients save significantly on their annual software spend, reduce their audit and security risks, and establish more efficient asset management processes. Eracent’s client base includes some of the world’s largest corporate and government networks and IT environments.

Quality data is the foundation of any effective SAM or ITAM program. Eracent’s cross-platform discovery, application recognition, and software utilization analytics provide detailed insight. Flexible integration enables data from other sources to be shared and normalized for a complete ownership and operational view.

For any platform – from the largest data centers to mobile devices.

Save Money – Reduce Audit Risk – Automate Processes
Eracent Automated Bots Green

inventory application usage, performance and hardware details.

Eracent’s automated A.I. Discovery BOTS provide real-time end point

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Java SE Licensing
The Software Bill of Materials for each application lists each component and library that makes up an application, including Java SE. Being able to get a detailed listing – in one place – of every application that utilizes Java SE will enable your SAM team to make the connection between Java installations and the applications that utilize Java.
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