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Eracent – Power Full

Announcing the "Eracent - Power Full" workshop!
If your team wants to increase the value you can get from your Eracent toolset, or if you’d like advice on best practices and process automation, this no-cost workshop is for you.

Consultants from Eracent’s Professional Services team have assembled a 2.5-hour workshop that will be tailored to your organization’s needs, and it will provide specific recommendations.

IT Asset Management and Software Asset Management are getting more complex and trickier all the time. In this ever-changing environment, we know that our customers are looking to make better use of their existing tools, improve processes and compliance, and realize cost savings. As part of our commitment to helping improve our customers’ ITAM and SAM processes, Eracent invites you to join us for an “Eracent – Power Full” Workshop. This workshop will equip you with best practices and state-of-the-art processes for strengthening your ITAM program.

Eracent – Power Full is a two-and-a-half-hour customer-specific and customer-focused workshop to support IT operations management and expedite your digital transformation journey, and it also covers how the Eracent toolset can help you reduce overhead and improve IT security. The workshop will provide best practices for:

  • Improving ITAM Operations
  • Enhancing User Experience
  • Fiscal Discipline
  • Protecting & Securing Your Environment Reducing Time for Software Audits
  • Defining KPIs for Your ITAM program
  • Automation, Integration & Modernization (AIM)

Eracent – Power Full Workshop Agenda

  • Introductions
  • Overview of Eracent ITAM Functionality
  • Best Practice Sharing Session
  • Understand SAM Use Cases
  • Understand HAM Use Cases
  • Understand Automation Opportunities
  • Wrap Up & Next Steps

Findings and recommendations will be presented within two weeks of the completion of the workshop.

Intended Audience

  • Software Compliance
  • Hardware Compliance
  • Procurement
  • Contracts
  • End User Support
  • IT Security
  • Infrastructure Support

For more details or to schedule a no-cost Eracent – Power Full workshop for your organization, contact scott.vangiezen@eracent.com.