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Employee Self Service

Highly flexible workflow for End User Requests, Automated Provisioning, License Harvesting, & more.

Highly flexible workflow for End User Requests, Automated Provisioning, License Harvesting, & more.

AppStore Plus™ Portal

Employee Self-Service with Automated Request, Approval and Provisioning Processes


Eracent’s AppStore Plus™ Portal manages and automates critical aspects of IT asset management and software asset management (SAM) processes. The workflow-based portal extends self-service capabilities throughout an organization, empowering a broad base of people to perform tasks related to IT assets and software licenses.

The AppStore Plus Portal supports:

End-User Requests and Approvals – End users may request assets, licenses or services via the portal. They can search for items that are in the organization’s authorized catalog, or they may request off-catalog items. Users may also be presented with lower cost or free alternatives to the item for which they are searching. Multiple levels of approval are supported, and end users may be kept informed of their request status at any time.

  • Eliminates disjointed paper or email-based processes, reducing manual intervention and turnaround times
  • Reduces or eliminates unnecessary purchases by enabling requests to be fulfilled from existing stock
  • Increases the value realized from IT investments by redeploying and reusing them
  • Provides auditable process steps and user updates
  • Enables flexible customization through an industry-standard workflow platform

  • Requisitioning / Provisioning – Once a request has been approved, a notification can be sent to individuals or groups who are responsible for fulfilling requests. For each approved item, they can quickly see whether there are any available in current stock that can be allocated, or if a new item needs to be purchased.
  • Approved software requests may be automatically scheduled for distribution and installation on the requestor’s machine via ITMC Discovery, SCCM, Tivoli, or other software distribution tools.

  • Extensible Workflow – The AppStore Plus Portal workflow platform can be easily integrated with other Eracent applications or third party solutions that support Procurement, IT Service Management, SAM, and other processes.

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