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How to Simplify Oracle Audits and Renewals in 2021
How to Simplify Oracle Audits and Renewals in 2021
With the expectation of an effective and successfully distributed vaccine for COVID-19, and the current height of stock market and real estate values, the new year could be promising for companies and individuals who struggled in 2020. Typically, the beginning of a new year is the perfect time for planning – New Year’s resolutions, business goals and Software Asset Management (SAM) strategies!
Managing the Financial Impact of Covid-19
Managing the Financial Impact of Covid-19
Several months ago when we rang in the New Year, little did we know that 2020 would present the unforeseen challenges of a worldwide pandemic. How can your IT and Software Asset Management program help cut expenses? Managing and optimizing your hardware and software assets is a great way to avoid unnecessary costs.
Application and Infrastructure Mapping
Application Dependency Mapping and Infrastructure Mapping can provide a holistic view of the hardware and software that is being utilized in your data center and network environments.
SAM Tool Solution
If You’re Underwhelmed with Your Current SAM Tool, Here’s the Solution!
Is your organization disenchanted with your SAM tool? If so, Eracent is ready to help. Whatever the reason your organization feels underwhelmed with your SAM tool, this situation may lead to an internal push to find a new solution. While the thought of replacing your SAM solution seems as challenging as moving a mountain, it can actually be relatively easy and painless.
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