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SCCM Enhancements & Integration

Integration supports SAM Processes and Automated License Provisioning.

Integration supports SAM Processes and Automated License Provisioning.

ITMC Discovery™ and the AppStore Plus™ Portal – Enhanced SCCM Integration

Seamless, secure integration supports Software Asset Management processes, automated deployments and installation verification

IT Management Center (ITMC) provides multiple integration points for enhancing and normalizing data from Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). ITMC can also take advantage of SCCM’s deployment strengths when appropriate.

Benefits of SCCM integration with ITMC include:

  • Out of the box integration options that enable SCCM to serve as the primary discovery mechanism while taking advantage of Eracent’s superior software and hardware knowledgebase and normalization engine
  • Secure, out of the box integration with SCCM collection and deployment
  • Independent verification of SCCM deployments
  • Automated, workflow driven self-fulfillment requests via the AppStore Plus Portal.
Software and Hardware Inventory Options Involving SCCM

Eracent provides two discovery-oriented integration options around SCCM:

  • The first option uses the Eracent Data Extractor (EDE) service to analyze raw inventory data collected by SCCM. This method processes hardware and software inventory information collected by the SCCM agent through Eracent’s extensive SCANMAN™ software and hardware knowledgebase and normalization engine. The result is a level of comprehensive, accurate inventory reporting that enhances the level of reporting that SCCM could provide independently.
  • The second option involves utilizing a version of the ITMC Discovery script as an add-on process that is run by the SCCM agent either in executable form or as a command to a share. This method does not require the installation of an extra agent service or executable on the target machine.
SCCM Deployment Integration Options

ITMC Discovery can play a key role in software deployments executed using SCCM.

  • Seamless and secure integration with SCCM 2016, 2012, 2007 and 2003.
  • From an administration screen, a user can see a list of SCCM Defined Applications, which are packages that can be deployed, as well as SCCM Collections, which are groups of machines to which software can be deployed.
  • Users can view the details of the selected package/application to be deployed, including Source Site, Sedo Object Version, Number of Deployments, Number of Devices with Application, Number of Devices with Failure, and Number of Users with Request. This data comes directly from SCCM.
  • Since users can select the existing SCCM Defined Applications and they can populate their own collections with target machines for deployment, an ITMC Discovery user can complete the entire process end-to-end without requiring the involvement of an SCCM administrator outside the creation of the packages/applications to be deployed.
  • ITMC Discovery can also take full advantage of the SCCM infrastructure to independently verify that Application deployments were successful.
  • In conjunction with the AppStore Plus Portal, this integration supports an automated request-approval-provisioning process. End users may request software, receive approval, initiate purchases via contracts or purchase orders, view and claim available licenses, and have software deployed via SCCM with minimal human intervention.

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