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IT-Pedia® Overview

Comprehensive IT Product Data Library

IT-Pedia® is a continuously updated, comprehensive library that provides a single, easy-to-use source of detailed information about current and legacy IT products of all types, including hardware, software, mobile devices, and network, telecom and environmental equipment.

This library helps streamline and automate the process of creating, populating and updating CMDBs and service catalogs, procurement systems, asset repositories and SAM tools, and other systems. It can also be used to support product refresh cycles and IT security initiatives.

IT-Pedia contains information about millions of enterprise products and the myriad of versions, packages, and variations in which they are offered. Each unique product record is comprised of detailed attributes that are essential during the IT planning, budgeting, purchasing and maintenance phases.

These attributes include (but are not limited to):

  • Hardware makes and models
  • Software versions, license types and programs, and product use rights (PURs)
  • Vendor-provided naming conventions and product descriptions
  • Manufacturer and reseller product codes, SKUs and UNSPC classification data
  • Physical dimensions, weight, power utilization, and other characteristics
  • Product End-of-Life and End-of-Support dates (requires separate IT-Pedia license)
  • Vendor details, and much more

Why is IT-Pedia essential?

  • The “enrichment” data that it provides is typically not available via discovery tools
  • The information in procurement records is often incomplete and inconsistent
  • Gathering product attributes and end-of-life data requires a huge amount of manual effort and searching of many sources