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Eracent Solutions At-A Glance

A look at many of the ways Eracent's ITAM and SAM solutions help our customers

A look at many of the ways Eracent’s ITAM and SAM solutions help our customers

Eracent’s ITAM and SAM solutions help our customers:

  • Gain complete visibility into all of their hardware and software assets
  • Proactively govern and manage devices and licenses, as well as contracts and agreements
  • Optimize licensing costs and get maximum value from hardware assets
  • Avoid or reduce the impact of software publisher audits
  • Minimize network and endpoint security risks

The IT Management Center™ (ITMC) suite provides these benefits across all computing platforms – from data centers, servers, desktops and mobile devices to cloud and virtual environments.

ITMC Discovery™

Cross‐platform discovery and utilization monitoring with the level of accuracy and breadth of scope required to effectively manage even the most complex enterprise infrastructures.

  • Network Device Discovery and detailed Software and Hardware Inventory
  • Application Utilization Monitoring with unmatched interaction details
  • Server Utilization Monitoring to identify underutilised or overtaxed servers
  • Cloud Infrastructure Utilization monitoring that reports on guests/hosts, cloud subnets, billing information and more to ensure that you get optimal value from your cloud investments
  • SaaS Application utilization reporting with subscription reconciliation and reporting
  • Software Vulnerability Assessment to identify installed applications that are at risk, enabling quick remediation.

Continuous License Reconciliation (CLR)™

License reconciliation and optimization reporting that helps minimize the risk and impact of publisher audits, and significantly reduces your software spend.

  • License position reporting for Microsoft, Adobe and other publishers whose products are licensed using non-complex models such as Per Device, Per Named User, Enterprise, and more.
  • Specialized CLR modules manage applications with complex license models including IBM’s Processor Value Unit (PVU) and Subcapacity, Oracle database applications, SAP® Engines, Microsoft SQL Server, and others.

ITMC Lifecycle™

Comprehensive lifecycle management for all assets and licenses, providing continuous tracking from planning through refresh/retirement. Supports optimized utilization of all assets from acquisition to disposition, and provides a baseline that is not dependent on dynamic discovery data that can constantly change.

  • In-depth tracking of Contract and License Agreement details to support license management, renewals, lease management, refresh and disposition processes and more.
  • Procurement detail tracking with links to associated contracts, assets and licenses
  • Asset lifecycle tracking at a level that cannot be matched by CMDBs, ITSM, or SAM-centric tools. Includes proactive assignments to people, organizations and detailed locations, chargebacks and other costs, ownership details, asset statuses and more.
  • Hardware asset reconciliation to identify unknown, lost or missing devices
  • Comprehensive hardware disposition management to maximize value recovery, ensure environmentally responsible disposal, and minimize corporate data risks.
  • Dynamic workflow and alerts to automate many common ITAM processes.

AppStore Plus™ Portal

A flexible workflow platform that manages and automates critical aspects of ITAM and SAM processes including End-User Requests and Approvals, Requisitioning and Provisioning, and Automated License Distribution and Harvesting.

  • Reduces manual intervention and turnaround times
  • Controls unnecessary purchases by enabling requests to be fulfilled from existing stock
  • Increases the value realized from IT investments by redeploying and reusing them
  • Provides auditable process steps and user updates


An IT product data library that automates and expedites the creation and maintenance of asset and service catalogs.

  • Provides non-discoverable details about millions of IT products of all types in one convenient, easy to access source.
  • Enrichment data based around SKUs and manufacturer product codes, includes:
    • Makes, models, application names, versions, editions, UNSPSCs and more
    • Vendor details, licensing programs and product use rights
    • Hardware attributes such as weight, physical dimensions and power usage
  • Critical end-of-life (EOL) and end-of-support (EOS) dates, which are key when planning refresh cycles to ensure future compatibility and avoid security risks around older applications that can no longer be patched.


Eracent provides an open API, web services integration methods, and Eracent Data Extractors (EDEs) to seamlessly share data with third-party Discovery, ITSM, Procurement, SAM and other tools.

The IT Management Center suite is available as an on-premise application or as a hosted solution.

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