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Oracle License Management

Fully Automated Oracle License Management: Detailed Discovery through License Optimization.

Fully Automated Oracle License Management: Detailed Discovery through License Optimization.

CLR for Oracle Applications™

Automated Reconciliation and Optimization for Oracle Database Applications

Licensing for Oracle’s broad portfolio of products can be difficult to manage. It’s easy to unintentionally get out of compliance, and that can result in costly financial penalties.

CLR for Oracle Applications™ provides fully automated license reconciliation and optimization capabilities that provide visibility into software usage, minimize the risk and impact of publisher audits, and significantly reduce software spend.

CLR for Oracle Applications provides:

Identification of Oracle Instances

CLR for Oracle Applications automatically finds all instances on which Oracle Database products are installed. This enables Oracle-specific discovery scripts to be run in all required locations. No instances will be missed due to human error or poor record keeping.

Oracle LMS-spec Discovery

Oracle’s License Management Services (LMS) has very specific guidelines for the attributes that must be gathered for any Oracle database product installation in the event of an audit.

These attributes include:

  • Packs granted and agreed
  • OS processors
  • Users assigned
  • Session highwater metrics
  • Oracle instance details
  • Options installed and In Use (with first and last used dates)
  • Option configuration data
  • Background and user data (essential for Named User Plus licensing)

The only fully automated Oracle management process:

  • Data collection
  • License registration
  • License optimization

Many of these elements can have an enormous impact on licensing costs, so having accurate and complete data is critical for proper license management.


Identification of Oracle Instances

Oracle LMS also has specific guidelines for the reporting of discovery results. CLR for Oracle Applications provides results in the required Oracle Worksheet (OWS) format. A report on Machines with Oracle Database Instances Installed can be used as a target list for detailed scans.

Modeling and Optimization

Users can model and simulate licensing requirements for different hardware and database configurations. These simulations provide recommendations based on multiple configurations, applicable licensing options, and the associated cost for each. This enables users to select the most cost effective licensing option that helps them meet their business needs.

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