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Comprehensive Oracle® License Management

Oracle-Verified Discovery and License Position Reporting

Oracle-Verified Discovery and License Position Reporting

Verified by OracleOracle-Verified Discovery and License Position Reporting

Oracle’s enterprise applications are licensed under numerous different – and complex – licensing models. Having a Software Asset Management (SAM) tool that can provide critical details about your Oracle environment makes it far easier for your organization to:

  • Proactively manage your Oracle licenses, applications and associated hardware
  • Remain compliant with Oracle licensing agreements
  • Eliminate unnecessary spending on licenses and subscriptions, and
  • Avoid financial audit and true-up penalties.

Eracent’s IT Management Center (ITMC)™ provides a broad set of features that support effective Oracle license management processes.

Oracle-Verified Discovery

As a foundation, ITMC Discovery™ provides unparalleled discovery and inventory across any physical, virtual or cloud-based platform. It identifies all computing devices and software installations and captures details about application utilization.

Eracent is an Oracle-verified partner for Oracle Database, Oracle Database Options and Fusion Middleware. Oracle’s Global License Advisory Services (GLAS) will accept data sets provided by ITMC Discovery whenever accurate measurement data around the installation and usage of specific Oracle products is required. Eracent customers may present ITMC Discovery data to Oracle GLAS for license analysis and reporting purposes instead of having to install Oracle measurement tools.

This verified collection data provides ITMC Discovery users with a highly accurate view of the Fusion Middleware and Database applications installed and in use across their environment. To maintain and manage a complete and current Oracle product and license portfolio, you need a complete and accurate view of your entire Oracle environment. This includes the ability to track, manage and report on:

  • All Oracle license and subscription agreements with grants and user rights
  • Purchase and entitlements data for each product
  • Every installed Oracle product on all hardware, including EXADATA servers
  • Detailed usage data for each application
  • Assignments of licenses and subscriptions to users and application systems

This information provides input for Eracent’s Continuous License Reconciliation (CLR) for Oracle Applications™ module, providing customers with highly automated license position reporting.

The Oracle Database Discovery Process

There are numerous discovery elements that are unique for Oracle Database applications.

First, ITMC Discovery can proactively identify the location of each Oracle Database application instance across physical and virtual environments. This enables scans to be run in all required locations. No instances will be missed due to human error or poor record keeping. The tool then scans for details about the installed software, the server environment, and details about product features, options and packs that are installed and in use.

Discovered and reported attributes include:

  • Packs granted and agreed
  • OS processors
  • Users assigned
  • Session highwater metrics
  • Oracle instance details
  • Options installed and In Use (with first and last used dates)
  • Option configuration data
  • Background and user data (essential for Named User Plus licensing)

This level of evidence is critical for determining an accurate Oracle license position, which can have a significant impact on licensing costs and compliance with Oracle licensing agreements. By being aware at all times of how Oracle Database applications are installed, configured and utilized, your organization can optimize your licensing and maintenance costs and avoid large fines and true-up costs.

Another advantage of using ITMC Discovery for Oracle license management is that the scan process can be run as frequently as desired, building a historical data record that can be used for trend analysis, forecasting and other purposes. This data also makes a solid foundation for Oracle migration planning, testing and verification.

Note that while the GLAS verification does not apply to Oracle products beyond Database and Fusion Middleware, all other Oracle applications are fully included in ITMC Discovery scans and reports.

Update January 4, 2023 – Eracent today announced that their ITMC Discovery™ product has been verified by Oracle Global License Advisory Services (GLAS) for discovery of Oracle to identify where Oracle Fusion Middleware products are being used. Learn More. 

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