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A Single, Consolidated Data Source

  • Eliminates time consuming manual searches for product attributes and end-of-life data.
  • Removes the guesswork on where to find data that can vary greatly by product and vendor.

DATA Normalization

  • Provides a foundation for normalizing data from multiple non-discovery sources into a common naming convention. Utilizing this normalized data across related systems improves process efficiencies and minimizes redundancies.
  • In conjunction with the SCANMAN application recognition knowledgebase, IT-Pedia® provides a powerful and complete data normalization solution.

Catalog Creation and Enhancement

  • Significantly reduces the time it takes to create comprehensive and detailed asset and service catalogs, or to expand the product details in an existing catalog.
  • Eliminates information gaps and inconsistencies that can be caused by incomplete purchase data or manual, iterative approaches to catalog creation.
  • Enhances the value provided by any CMDB, ITAM, SAM or ITSM tool, Procurement system or other application that utilizes product and vendor data.

License Reconciliation

  • Provides non-discoverable details about software products, license programs and types, product use rights (PURs) and other attributes that are often omitted or incomplete in procurement data sources.
  • Enables more robust reporting and analysis from SAM tools like Eracent’s Continuous License Reconciliation (CLR).

Security and Compatibility

  • Products that are no longer supported can cause ongoing system compatibility issues and put networks and endpoints at risk, since patch support will not be available. End-of-Life (EOL) and End-of-Support (EOS) data can identify products whose support will end in the near term, allowing organizations to plan accordingly.

Up to Date and Easy to Use

  • Updated daily, using multiple authoritative sources of data. Avoids decision making based on outdated data.
  • Provided as a service, securely hosted by Eracent.
  • Offered as an annual subscription with optional access levels.
  • A published API and user interface make it simple to select the data you need and share it with complementary systems and applications.