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Software Recognition Process

Accurate, easy-to-understand recognition of all enterprise applications

Accurate, easy-to-understand recognition of all enterprise applications

Eracent’s SCANMAN™ software recognition process

Eracent’s SCANMAN™ software recognition process provides easy-to-understand identification of all installed applications on the network, regardless of platform. SCANMAN provides a reliable foundation for application recognition and data normalization, providing coverage for hundreds of thousands of products and versions used by enterprises worldwide.

Applications on all major data center, desktop and mobile platforms are supported, including:

all flavors of UNIX
Eracent pioneered the software application recognition process – our team has spent almost two decades developing better techniques for recognizing the nuances of software products, versions and editions.

SCANMAN exceeds any competitive methodology – while it utilizes executables as one means of identification like most competing solutions do, SCANMAN creates a far more comprehensive and granular “fingerprint” for each product by reviewing over 128 other file types and using a combination of these data attributes.

The SCANMAN audit file is updated at least once daily, ensuring that Eracent users have the absolute latest available information. The software recognition process is available for ITMC Discovery™ users, as well as for any third-party discovery tool through the Eracent Data Extractors (EDEs). SCANMAN also supports recognition and reporting for homegrown/bespoke applications with an easy update process.

  • All discovered files are run through the SCANMAN audit file and automatically mapped to an easy to understand, “as-purchased” naming convention.
  • Products that are installed as either standard or custom bundles are recognized and grouped accordingly.
  • Recognized products are associated to licensing details in the product catalog, showing applicable license types, license programs, product use rights and more.
  • The file attributes of any unrecognized applications are automatically sent to the SCANMAN team, where they are identified and added to the audit file, typically in 48 hours or less. They are added to the next daily audit file update for all Eracent customers.
  • The SCANMAN process is included as part of each customer’s annual maintenance program.

The SCANMAN audit file, in conjunction with Eracent’s SKU-based IT-Pedia® of non-discoverable enrichment data, provides a powerful data set. Their combined data can be used for license management, initial CMDB population and updates, network security, establishing a common language across Procurement, ITAM, SAM and ITSM systems, and much more.

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