Oracle License Management

How to Simplify Oracle Audits and Renewals in 2021
How to Simplify Oracle Audits and Renewals in 2021
With the expectation of an effective and successfully distributed vaccine for COVID-19, and the current height of stock market and real estate values, the new year could be promising for companies and individuals who struggled in 2020. Typically, the beginning of a new year is the perfect time for planning – New Year’s resolutions, business goals and Software Asset Management (SAM) strategies!
Oracle-Verified Database Discovery
Eracent Announces Oracle-Verified Database Discovery; Provides Essential Details for License Compliance, Oracle Migration and More
Eracent is pleased to announce that its IT Management Center™ (ITMC) Discovery solution now provides Oracle Database detection and reporting that has been approved by Oracle’s Global Licensing and Advisory Services (GLAS) third-party tool verification program. As a result, the data provided by ITMC Discovery™ about Oracle Database installation and usage will be accepted by Oracle for use in for a variety of license management activities including compliance audits and true-ups, among others.
Oracle Licensing in the Cloud
As an end-user of Oracle software, your organization is considering moving to the cloud. What are the considerations when making this decision? If you move to the cloud, how will you track, manage and optimize the software licenses? It’s important to know what to do in terms of software licensing and tracking deployments, and have access to supporting data that will enable your organization to make good decisions about optimization.
Register for New Webinar: Oracle Licensing In The Cloud
Register for Eracent's upcoming webinar: Oracle Licensing In the Cloud, to be held on Wednesday, August 23, 2017 at 10 AM EST. Oracle licensing has always presented challenges. It's easy to inadvertently utilize features, options or configurations that can result in unexpected expenditures. With the transition to cloud environments, there are new challenges to be aware of in order to remain compliant and minimize licensing costs.
Oracle License Management
Identifying Your Oracle Database Instances with Confidence
Eracent and our trusted partner Konnagar recently presented two Oracle license management webinars – “Managing Your Oracle ULA” and “Oracle License Optimization: Saving Money, Reducing Risk”. The participants posed a few interesting questions, so we thought we’d extend a few of those questions and responses to this forum.