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Data Center Discovery

Detailed server discovery provides data for ITSM, security and license optimization.

Detailed server discovery provides data for ITSM, security and license optimization.

ITMC Discovery™
Complete Network Visibility and Exceptional Data

Effective Data Center Management requires a level of specialized data that cannot be provided and reported by desktop-centric discovery tools. From the computing devices themselves and operating systems, network connections and databases, to the physical facility and environmental considerations and associated contracts and financials, data centers require industrial-strength discovery and proactive, automated management tools.

Eracent supports data center discovery and management in multiple ways. Eracent has two decades of experience in detecting data center environments, as our technology was initially developed in the mid-1990s at AT&T/Lucent/Bell Labs – the birthplace of UNIX – which had tens of thousands of servers in data center environments around the world. The IT Management Center™ (ITMC) suite provides:

  • Complete coverage of data center environments, ensuring that you have complete visibility into all hardware and software for IT operations, asset management and security processes and initiatives
  • Unparalleled detection of data center and server-class machines running on physical and virtual platforms including all flavors of UNIX, Linux, AIX, AS/400, z/OS and more
  • Highly detailed Application Dependency Mapping with dynamic visual reporting
  • Software License Reconciliation, License Position Reporting and Optimization Anaysis for complex license types associated with data center applications, such as IBM PVUs and Sub-Capacity, Oracle database products, Microsoft SQL Server and SAP Engines.
  • Software Application Utilization reporting, ensuring that unused or underutilized applications can be harvested, re-allocated or deactivated, resulting in significant savings
  • Software Vulnerability recognition and reporting, to ensure that any software applications or versions that are a potential security threat can be addressed immediately
  • Cloud Infrastructure Utilization detection and reporting to ensure that you get the most value from your cloud platform investment
  • Lifecycle Management for tracking of asset assignments, contracts and agreements, costs and payments, depreciation and more
  • In-depth hardware product attributes that can’t be discovered including physical dimensions, weight, power usage and other details that assist with facility and data center planning, migrations, and other processes.

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