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IT Management Center Version 10.2.20 Marketing Release Announcement

Eracent is pleased to announce the general availability of Version 10.2.20 of the IT Management Center (ITMC™) suite.

Eracent is pleased to announce the general availability of Version 10.2.20 of the IT Management Center (ITMC™) suite.

This release includes many functionality and usability enhancements, as well as bug fixes and optimizations.
These technical release notes outline the notable changes included in this version, which are as follows:

ITMC Discovery Enhancements:

(QA#24092) Report on additional VirtualHost data that is gathered by LPAR.
(QA#23254) Added ‘Installed Date’ & ‘Updated Date’ columns to the following Software Usage reports: Software Usage By Application, Floating Licenses, Software Retirement and Total Usage Daily.
(QA#23566) Added machine’s minimum Free Space and minimum Free Space percent to Server Utilization reports.
(QA#23566) Reporting of ‘Disk Space Total’ metrics can be controlled from the SUM administration pages (Total space and available space are reported by SUM when that option is enabled).
(QA#23576) Added maximum and average application’s Threads to the “Applications” tab on Server Utilization reports.
(QA#23576) Reporting ‘Threads per process’ can be controlled from the SUM administration pages.
(QA#23943) Added DB Columns to store information about file system and physical drives encryption (T_EqpFixedDrives.Encryption and T_EqpFileSystems.Encryption). Encryption type information is added to the ‘File Systems’ and ‘Physical Drives’ sections of Machine Report.
(QA#24164) Filtering and printing capabilities have been added to the Health data tree on the ‘Infrastructure Current Status’ report.
(QA#22577) A “Databases Names” column has been added to the ‘SQL Server Services’ report presented on the Machine Report ‘Virtual Systems’ tab.
(QA#24232) The server-side limitation of QueryString length for the SQL Query page has been changed from 2048 to 4096 characters (it is possible to run direct links to the SQL Query page with a longer SQL statement attached as parameter).

ITMC Discovery Fixes:

(QA#16610) Improved the presentation of SQL Server edition and drill down details about SQL Server instances on the SQL Server Installations report (especially versions 2016/2017). Also, the Version and Edition filters are fixed to present the same entries as the ones presented in query results.
(QA#24232) Fixed an issue with presenting a direct query link generated on the SQL Query report (Chrome only)
(QA#23592) Sped up calculation of the User Activity report results.
(QA#24108) Fixed KB import synchronization used between manual KB imports and task 14.
(QA#20661) Made the following change to limit the number of Service Broker errors logged to the SQL Server error logs: The Query Notification mechanism is now stopped for the Eracent_Common database when the ITMC application stops.

Network Probe Enhancements:

(QA#24198) Target Address and Predicates have been added to the NP Remote Machine Scan Management configuration screen.
(QA#24238) ‘Predicate Failed’ status is added to the NP Remote Scanner Status diagnostic page.

ITMC Lifecycle / Continuous License Reconciliation (CLR) Enhancements:

(QA#23903) Added new fields to the “Register IT Asset Disposal Location” page: Inventory Managed By, Location Type and Product Type.
(QA#23856) – Added a “Hide Already Allocated Machines” option to the “Allocated Machines” tab on the Software Asset screen. Also added a “Hide Already Allocated Employees” option to the “Allocated Employees” tab on the Software Asset screen.
(QA#23616) Added a workflow activity that deletes selected rows from a staging table.
(QA#23413) Added User-defined Fields to the Cost Centers.

ITMC Lifecycle / Continuous License Reconciliation (CLR) Fixes:

(QA#24221) Fixed the error: ‘Unclosed quotation mark…’ that occurred when sorting by Machine ID column on Machines drill-down report from Reconciliation Summary report for Per Device and Per Server license models.
(QA#23254) Fixed the error with UpdatedDate earlier than InstalledDate in ‘Software Usage By Application’ report. Also fixed the error: “Incorrect syntax near the keyword ‘AS’.” in the ‘Software Usage By Application’ report.
(QA#24235) Deleted (inactive) license types are no longer visible in the reconciliation filters. The only exception is when a license type is deleted, but there are still archived reconciliation results for this license type.
(QA#24115) Sped up filtering of Cost Center and Internal Location trees.

AppStore Plus Portal Enhancements:

(QA#23271) Requested Items can now be assigned to Work Orders from the Work Order details screen. Added ‘Requested Items’ and ‘Requests’ tables to the Work Order Query and to the Advanced User Defined Query for Work Orders report.
(QA#23271) Responding to an Action Item can now redirect the user (approver) to a URL defined in the process template.

App Store Plus Portal Fixes:

(QA#23788) Removed the “Allow entering Custom Item’s Unit Cost” setting from the Non-Catalog Item page settings. Now the “Allow Entering Catalog Item’s Unit Cost” setting from the “Add to cart” options is used instead.

Reporting Fixes:

(QA#24241) Removed orphaned ACLs for Dashlet Data Sources that were orphaned during an upgrade to v10.2.18-19. Now the Dashboards should work properly even if they use non-existing Dashlet Data Sources.

To receive assistance with the installation of version 10.2.20, please contact your Eracent technical support representative.

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