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IT Management Center Version 10.2.15 Marketing Release Announcement

Eracent is pleased to announce the release of IT Management Center™ (ITMC) version 10.2.15. This version enhances Eracent’s Software Asset Management (SAM) functionality, expands Discovery coverage and improves product usability.

Eracent is pleased to announce the release of IT Management Center™ (ITMC) version 10.2.15. This version enhances Eracent’s Software Asset Management (SAM) functionality, expands Discovery coverage and improves product usability.

The key enhancements are as follows:

License Management Functionality

Enhanced Publisher-specific Reporting

  • IBM-specific licensing reports have been enhanced to be more in line with the contents of native ILMT reporting. These reports are only available with the CLR For IBM Applications module and can be found under “Lifecycle > Reconciliation > Software > IBM License”.
  • New Office365 dashboards have been introduced to provide 100% visibility into Office 365 utilization. They can be found under Discovery > Asset Management > Management Reports > Office 365. This release improves Eracent’s methodology for accessing data recorded in Office365 via an API, including details about Licensing Plans, Service Consumption and User License Status.

Other Enhancements

  • Adjusted and updated product level calculations and host/vCluster counts.

ITMC Discovery™ and Enterprise Network Probe

Updated ServiceNow™ Integration
Eracent’s integration with ServiceNow instances now supports their Kingston release and has been submitted for formal certification.

Updated Intune Data Extractor (EDE)
The Microsoft InTune EDE has been updated so that the data integration meets current Intune requirements.

AirWatch Data Extractor (EDE) Enhancements
The AirWatch extractor has been enhanced to enable data quality improvements.

ITMC Discovery Data Collection Enhancements:

  • Introduced enhanced processing of Unix FileSystems
  • Added logon history support to UNIX based systems
  • Improved AIX CPU detection
  • Added processing of Office365 LUT tables
  • Reporting of buses from Windows, Linux and Solaris
  • Added insertion of detected software into HP uCMDB XSF files
  • Enhanced the SUM/ESUM Collector to report the number of cores in each performance report from all platforms. This enables reporting of minimum and maximum core usage, which is essential for enhanced sub-capacity IBM reporting.
  • A “show all columns” feature has been added into table dashlets, enabling all data source columns to be displayed on each table dashlet.

Network Discovery Enhancements

  • Added Discovery on Demand (Rescan) functionality for ICMP Enumerator
  • Added the option to set IPv6 subnets when defining ICMP Enumerator
  • IPv6 addresses are also allowed for other discovery enumerators and IQs
  • IPv6 column added to some Discovery reports, e.g. DB Servers, Virtual Machines, Virtual Hosts, Virtual Farms
  • A new query administration screen called “IP Phones” has been added to enable configuration around the discovery of Cisco IP phones.
  • Enhanced the display and filtering support for Cisco Discovery Protocol discovery sources on Network Probe reports.
  • Added RemoteScanner WMI SMB Share, which enables remote scanning without requiring a NULL session share.

ITMC Lifecycle™

Numerous usability enhancements make ITMC Lifecycle easier to use and administer.

  • Increased the maximum length of the asset “IP Address” field from 39 to 45 characters to enable tracking of IPv6 addresses.

Data Import Enhancements

  • Added the ability to import data to User Fields using the “Common (constant) Values” mappings
  • Added the ability to create relationships between Catalog Items in the imports
  • Added the ability to import data to Cost Center Ownership Allocations in Asset records
  • Added support for FTPS (FTP over SSL/TLS cryptographic protocols) to the Scheduled Imports feature for downloading text files. FTPS is used when the URL of the text file is prefixed with “ftps://”.

Other Enhancements

  • The Asset Receipt Wizard now lets users update existing licenses (e.g., license pools) in addition to creating new ones.
  • Navigation has been improved so that after a user selects an item from the side (context) menu, the page scrolls down to corresponding element, e.g. the list of assigned Employees on the Asset record screen.
  • The Related Contracts list on the Contracts screen has been replaced with a Contracts Query function for improved flexibility and ease-of-use, and the Related Catalog Items list has also been replaced with a Catalog Items Query function.

AppStore Plus™ Portal

Improvements to the “Add to Cart” Function

  • Added a star indicator (*) to mandatory fields, including user-defined fields
  • Added a help icon for the Unit Cost field with customizable help text
  • Introduced a setting to make the Unit Cost field mandatory if desired

Security-Related Functionality

**Note that the functionality in this section requires a separate license to take advantage of the NIST-based Software Vulnerability Recognition detection and reporting module in ITMC Discovery.**

  • Vulnerabilities charts now show detailed information in tool-tips. A column with tool-tip text can be pointed to the JSON definition of the dashboard.
  • A new LUT has been added which contains a detailed description for vulnerability metrics. It is used on vulnerabilities reports for showing a more detailed description for some CVSS metrics.

For more information on ITMC version 10.2.15, contact your Eracent representative or email us at info@eracent.com.

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