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Deliver a Sustainable ITAM Solution during COVID and Beyond

Quickly Discover Your Environment and Vulnerabilities

No Cost 90-Day Subscription

Get the PDF “Deliver a Sustainable ITAM Solution during COVID and Beyond”

No Cost 90-Day Subscription

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced organizations to rethink their way of operating and doing business. For many organizations, this new reality has impacted many aspects of business, particularly employees and the way they work. An increasing number of employees have no choice but to work from home either full- or part-time. This increase in and dispersion of remote employees has resulted in additional pressures and challenges for IT departments, as many were not prepared to support these more distributed scenarios.

With the reality of COVID sinking in during the beginning of 2020, companies were forced to quickly make critical adjustments to minimize any disruptions in their business; however, in many cases, those adjustments did not factor in their ability to deliver a sustainable, longer-term solution for managing the needs of a largely remote workforce. Now, organizations are settling in to identify more sustainable solutions for this new normal. This is where Eracent can assist.

The Solution

To sustain a network that supports a largely remote workforce, organizations must have a clear understanding of their environment and risks to mitigate any potential disruption in their business. They need a solution that requires minimal effort, which can quickly identify everything that is running on their network along with any known vulnerabilities. This free 90-day subscription empowers organizations to move from a reactive project to a proactive and sustainable program.

This limited time subscription combines the strength of Eracent’s cross-platform discovery technology with the brainpower of Eracent’s IT-Pedia®, a comprehensive IT product data library, to deliver an automated solution that quickly identifies your environment and potential vulnerabilities.


  • Discovery of hardware and software on physical, virtual and cloud platforms
  • Supporting data for software license management and compliance
  • Detailed Software Application Utilization reporting to support renewal decisions
  • Comprehensive data for service management and delivery
  • Foundational data for endpoint and network security
  • Quick identification of installed software with known vulnerabilities
  • Verification of standard images and update installation
  • Reporting on any installed software approaching end-of-life
  • Free 90-day subscription
  • No limit on the number of devices discovered
  • Full customer support
  • Option to install the solution on-premise or hosted through Eracent (hosting fees apply)
  • $5,000 deployment assistance fee (includes architecture, installation and deployment)

Customers will receive a $5,000 credit with a minimum of a 1-year commitment after the initial 90-day subscription ends.

For more information on how this free 90-day subscription can help you move to a more automated and sustainable program, complete the form. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this solution and how it can help your organization.

Get the PDF “Deliver a Sustainable ITAM Solution during COVID and Beyond”