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Secure Your Network Environment with EracentArmored™ Solutions

Minimize your organization’s risk of a SolarWinds-type attack

Minimize your organization’s risk of a SolarWinds-type attack

Wide-ranging security breaches continue to be commonplace in both corporate and government environments, as the highly-publicized SolarWinds network hacks in 2020 demonstrated. While no organization is immune, you can absolutely reduce your risk of a cyber attack. A proactive, comprehensive security solution can help you:

  • Identify known software and hardware vulnerabilities
  • Immediately report on all devices that are potentially impacted and require mitigation action
  • Prevent executables from running when any installed software does not match its original baseline or hash value, indicating that it has been modified
  • Prevent costly breaches from happening to your company

ClearArmor™ is Eracent’s focused Security solutions subsidiary. EracentArmored™ is an initiative that promotes a combined set of powerful tools and functions from Eracent and ClearArmor that fortify your organization’s networks and computing devices against security threats. ITMC Discovery (including the Network Probe), ITMC Lifecycle™, IT-Pedia® and ClearArmor’s unique Cybersecurity Resource Planning (CSRP) platform help your organization identify, mitigate and ideally, eliminate risks.

Why use your EracentArmored™ Solutions for Cybersecurity?

Your company probably has other tactical security point solutions already, acquired and managed by your security teams. However:

  • These tools don’t talk to each other and may cover different networks and platforms
  • There is no way to guarantee complete coverage with disparate solutions – but having complete coverage is absolutely critical
  • Each tool may require different staff and expertise
  • You’re paying for licenses, maintenance and services for each of these tools, for what incremental level of value?
A Complete, Constantly Available Discovery Data Foundation

No matter what tools you use, a complete inventory of every network device and the software installed on them is the foundation of an effective cybersecurity program, just like in ITAM and SAM. You are already using ITMC Discovery and the Network Probe (ENP) to gather and consolidate data about everything on your entire network environment, providing an unmatched data foundation.

ITMC Discovery maintains a current, accurate and continuously updated data set that is always available for immediate reporting. Unlike some other popular cybersecurity technologies, when you run a critical query, you won’t miss details from machines that are offline for any reason, including due to user vacations or significant operational time zone differences. Every device in your environment and the software installed on them is accounted for at all times. If a potential vulnerability is identified, you want to know every affected asset immediately, with no stragglers that can put you at risk later.

A Proactive, Framework-Driven Cybersecurity Program

Adding ClearArmor’s Cybersecurity Resource Planning (CSRP) platform and functionality to your existing Eracent solution fortifies your security capabilities and competencies by:

  • Enabling your cybersecurity program to be proactive and not just reactive
  • Providing a comprehensive single-pane-of-glass view of the data from all of your security and IT asset management tools in one place
  • Establishing a methodology to clearly define, document and communicate your security processes:
    • Ensure coverage of every network and endpoint device
    • Maintain a schedule and method for ongoing scanning
    • Define mitigation plans for any identified threats or breaches
  • Leveraging an automated approach to align your company’s processes with best practice frameworks such as NIST Cyber Security and Risk Management, upcoming CMMC, GDPR, NY State DFS Rule 500, ISO 27001 and other standards.

Don’t trust your company’s operational and financial future to limited security point solutions that only cover a portion of your network or discover almost all of your devices and software. Have peace of mind that your environment is fully protected with Eracent and ClearArmor.

Our team is eager to discuss the strong security functionality that your company already has available in your current EracentArmored solutions. We can show you how to access and utilize this functionality to its fullest potential, as well as how you can extend your security capabilities and coverage as your program matures.

To learn more, contact info@eracent.com and visit www.cleararmor.com.

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