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Keeping Your Networks “Eracent-Armored”

Organizations need to protect themselves and must be battle-ready, or armored. Outfitting your organization with a complete layer of armor involves multiple pieces.

In Ancient Greece, circa 1400 BC, bronze armor was invented as a metal covering for soldiers or warriors to protect the body while in battle.

Fast forward to 2021 when the modern digital world faces the constant threat of cybersecurity breaches and attacks.

Organizations need to protect themselves and must be battle-ready, or armored. Outfitting your organization with a complete layer of armor involves multiple pieces.

To begin, for any approach to cybersecurity to be effective, you need to know precisely what network hardware and software is in your environment. Device types and configurations, software versions and patch levels, and the connectivity and interaction between systems are all critical information.

Establishing defenses at multiple levels to identify and mitigate risks is also an essential part of the process. Knowing where your network may be vulnerable, reducing the numbers and types of applications that can enable hacks, and preventing questionable applications from running all help to fortify your systems.

Finally, having a platform that enables you to proactively plan the processes and actions that make up your cybersecurity and risk management program is an often-overlooked step. Without documented processes, policies, and clearly defined ownership of key activities, your organization will be in reactive mode. You won’t get optimal results from your staff or the tools that you already have in place.

For over two decades, Eracent has developed a proven set of enterprise tools that support network security processes.

Enterprises of all sizes as well as defense agencies on both sides of the Atlantic have used Eracent solutions for security purposes. First, discovery of all devices and installed software is the foundation for cybersecurity…organizations need to know what assets they have before they can manage and protect them. Secondly, the Eracent platform supports software whitelisting and blacklisting to make sure that only approved applications are being used in an environment. In addition to these features, Eracent performs software baselining – it can detect any suspicious changes to software code and alert you or prevent it from executing. More specifically, when a software package or version is published, it is assigned a unique hash value or fingerprint based on the characteristics of the code base. Every time you install a copy of the software, it should look exactly the same. The Eracent solution has the ability to quickly determine if the characteristics are the same and the code base still matches. If they do not, the platform will alert you, put on the brakes and not permit the software to run on the endpoint. This functionality is an important level of protection that can tell you if a server has potentially been compromised. Furthermore, Eracent’s IT-Pedia provides product End-of-Life and End-of-Support data that you need to know for security reasons. Companies using the Eracent platform have access to all the data they need for cybersecurity practices.

Eracent’s ClearArmor subsidiary is a pioneer with its Intelligent Cybersecurity Platform that is part of an emerging, innovative class of tools known as Cybersecurity Resource Planning (CSRP). Many organizations have security teams in place that tend to work in silos, purchasing their own tools and operating in a reactive manner. What differentiates CSRP is a proactive approach in which you can demonstrate that your cybersecurity process is well-planned and battle-ready. The CSRP workflow shows what to do if x happens, providing internal risk management assurance, and it works with network device and software data from discovery or security tools that you’re already using.

The Eracent-Armored approach combines the strengths of Eracent’s proven detection and prevention tools with ClearArmor’s CSRP, providing a strong layer of protection from cyberattacks. There are so many areas of awareness and protection that are necessary to make sure you are fully-covered from a security standpoint, and Eracent can offer all of this in one convenient, packaged solution.

To learn more, please visit www.eracent.com and www.cleararmor.com.

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Steffani Lomax - Vice President of Channels and Alliances

– coauthored by Steffani Lomax

Steffani Lomax is the Vice President of Channels and Alliances at Eracent. She is responsible for developing strategic alliances to expand and grow the business through her relationship-building, business network and industry expertise.

Terry Divelbliss - Senior Vice President of Marketing and Alliances

– coauthored by Terry Divelbliss

Terry is responsible for managing partnerships, messaging, events and industry analyst relations. He has over 25 years of software product management and marketing experience, and he has been active in IT Asset Management for over 20 years.

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