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IT-Pedia® Enrichment Data

Invaluable, non-discoverable details about millions of IT products - Benefits CMDBs, SAM tools, IT Security and more.

Invaluable, non-discoverable details on millions of IT products – CMDBs, SAM tools, IT Security & more.


Comprehensive IT Product Data Library

IT-Pedia® is a comprehensive library of information about current and legacy IT products of all types, including hardware, software, mobile devices, and network, telecom and environmental equipment.

It contains information about millions of enterprise products, versions, packages, and variations. Each product record contains attributes that are essential during the IT planning, budgeting, purchasing and maintenance phases.

These attributes include:

  • Hardware makes and models
  • Software versions, license types and programs, and product use rights
  • Manufacturer and reseller product codes, SKUs and UNSPC classification data
  • Physical dimensions, weight, power utilization, and other characteristics
  • MSRP pricing
  • Vendor details, and much more


Data Normalization
  • Detailed product attributes provide a foundation for normalizing data from multiple non-discovery sources into a common naming convention. Utilizing this normalized data across related systems improves process efficiencies and minimizes redundancies.
  • In conjunction with the SCANMAN™ application recognition knowledgebase, IT-Pedia® provides a powerful and complete data normalization solution.
Catalog Creation and Enhancement
  • Significantly reduces the time it takes to create comprehensive and detailed asset and service catalogs, or to expand the product details in an existing catalog.
  • Eliminates information gaps and inconsistencies that can be caused by incomplete purchase data or manual, iterative approaches to catalog creation.
License Reconciliation
  • Provides non-discoverable details about software products, license programs and types, product use rights (PURs), and other attributes that are often omitted or incomplete in procurement data sources.
  • Enables more robust reporting from license entitlements reconciliation and optimization tools – including Eracent’s Continuous License Reconciliation (CLR)™ among others.
Security and Compatibility
  • Products that are no longer supported can cause ongoing system compatibility issues and put networks and endpoints at risk, since patch support will not be available. End-of-Life (EOL) and End-of-Support (EOS) data can identify products whose support will end in the near term, allowing organizations to plan accordingly.
Up to Date and Easy to Use
  • Updated daily, using multiple authoritative sources of data.
  • Provided as a service, securely hosted by Eracent. It is offered as an annual subscription with optional access levels.

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