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Automated Stockrooms

Powered by Eracent’s AppStore Plus™ Portal and Black Hills Solutions
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Created by Black Hills Solutions, powered by Eracent

Powered by Eracent’s AppStore Plus™ Portal and Black Hills Solutions.

Physically managing and controlling access to handheld devices and assets can be an annoying and thankless task. End users get impatient when waiting for assets they’ve requested, and devices and hardware frequently go missing, whether they are lost or stolen. This lack of tight governance and control can often be attributed to incomplete or incorrect data entry when recording transactions. Also, fulfilling asset requests through traditional methods can also be very expensive – organizations have reported costs of $75, $125 or even more in overhead costs to complete the provisioning and distribution workflow process for a single device or item.

The Solution

Black Hills Solutions and Eracent introduce Automated Stockroom machines that are supported by flexible, powerful workflow software applications. These machines provide a better way to fulfill requests for assets including:

  • Phones, tablets and laptops
  • Handheld devices such as scanners
  • Peripheral devices, and
  • Accessories, adapters and consumables

These automated stockrooms can leverage the power of Eracent’s AppStore Plus™ Portal to automate the end user request and approval process. Users can view and select items that are derived from your organization’s authorized asset catalog in the Eracent ITMC Lifecycle™ repository, and flexible workflow processes quickly execute multiple-level approval steps based on attributes such as the item type, the requestor’s job function, location or organization, the cost of the item, and more.

As soon as the request is approved, the requestor will be notified and given instructions on how to retrieve their item from a nearby automated stockroom machine. These instructions may include swiping their employee badge, entering a request or ticket number on the machine’s touchscreen, or other steps. The requestor simply retrieves his item from a locker or dispensing area in the machine, and the transaction is recorded, assigning that particular asset to the person and changing the status to Assigned, In Use, or a similar status.

The Automated Stockroom application, in conjunction with the AppStore Plus Portal:

  • Automates check-in and check-out request tickets
  • Provides instant gratification, dispensing items to end-users
  • Enables physical positive control compliance
  • Funnels purchases through approved channels

Employee use cases that can be supported include:

  • Browsing and Dispensing
  • Ordering and Reserving for pickup
  • Check-out and Check-in
  • Asset turn-in for repairs and service

Automated Stockrooms from Black Hills Solutions, powered by Eracent
Technical Details

The core Automated Stockroom application is built on the ServiceNow® platform. Request and approval workflow is driven by Eracent’s flexible AppStore Plus™ Portal. Product details, user information, status updates and product assignments are supported by ITMC Lifecycle. Other workflow platforms and catalogs can be supported as well.

The Automated Stockroom application includes a custom Linux operating system, multiple machine controller software protocols, Rest APIs and network security protocols. Signals can be sent from the backend system to the controllers of the vending machines and lockers. The software also controls a card reader, barcode reader, audio and video controls. An infrastructure server manages the machine image and updates.

For more information on how Automated Stockrooms can minimize your asset provisioning costs, reduce asset loss, and expedite delivery of assets to your employees, visit www.eracent.com and www.blackhillssolutions.com. We would welcome the opportunity to provide a presentation and demo of this game changing technology.

Minimize asset provisioning costs
Reduce asset loss
Expedite delivery of assets to your employees

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