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Eracent’s ITAM and SAM solutions help our customers:

Govern their IT computing environments
Optimize their spending on assets and licensing
Streamline and automate common processes
Reduce corporate risk from software vendor audits & software-based security threats.

Eracent Tools for ITAM Success

Tools that Support Your ITAM Success

The AppStore Plus Portal enables employee self-service, automates requests and approvals, and shortens time to fulfillment.

IT-Pedia® makes it easy to get comprehensive software and hardware product details for ITAM, SAM and ITSM.

Cross-Platform Discovery Data Sheet

Automated SAM Solutions

Eracent’s automated SAM solutions help optimize licensing and reduce costs.

Manage your software licenses and subscriptions across cloud, datacenter, server, desktop & mobile platforms.

Software Asset Management

Complete Hardware Asset Management

Detailed tracking of physical attributes, ownership and usage details, IMACs, disposition, contracts and financials for another dimension of cost savings and efficiency.

Other SAM tools just can't provide the same level of hardware management that Eracent delivers.

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Discovery and Usage details for data center, desktop, cloud and mobile platforms
Lifecycle management and flexible process automation for hardware and software assets
License optimization for any enterprise application, including IBM, Oracle and SAP products
Data Normalization and CMDB Data Enhancement solutions

Eracent: Trusted, Effective Asset Management – Worldwide.

Eracent Delivers Automated SAM and ITAM Solutions

Eracent helps its customers meet the challenges of managing software licenses and computing assets in today’s complex and evolving IT environments. Our enterprise clients save significantly on their annual software spend, reduce their audit and security risks, and establish more efficient asset management processes. Eracent’s client base includes some of the world’s largest corporate and government networks and IT environments.

Quality data is the foundation of any effective SAM or ITAM program. Eracent’s cross-platform discovery, application recognition, and software utilization analytics provide detailed insight. Flexible integration enables data from other sources to be shared and normalized for a complete ownership and operational view.

For any platform – from the largest data centers to mobile devices.

Save Money – Reduce Audit Risk – Automate Processes
Eracent Automated Bots Green

inventory application usage, performance and hardware details.

Eracent’s automated A.I. Discovery BOTS provide real-time end point

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Oracle-Verified Database Discovery
Eracent is pleased to announce that its IT Management Center™ (ITMC) Discovery solution now provides Oracle Database detection and reporting that has been approved by Oracle’s Global Licensing and Advisory Services (GLAS) third-party tool verification program. As a result, the data provided by ITMC Discovery™ about Oracle Database installation and usage will be accepted by Oracle for use in for a variety of license management activities including compliance audits and true-ups, among others.
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